Don’t let the Brownout Win Out

One of the biggest issues that plagues any computer network is POWER. In this case, I do not mean a shortage of outlets or a power spike that can pop a circuit breaker. I am referring to the quality of the uninterrupted power delivered to an outlet and then on to your network devices plugged […]

How much bandwidth do you need?

Continued from – Secure your Home Most homes and households today have multiple devices that access the Internet. Each requires a certain amount of bandwidth in order to successfully perform their task. Some devices connect for only a millisecond while others may stay connected 24/7. Regardless, these services require an always-on, active, and adequate connection […]

Secure your Home

Wow, have home Internet needs changed in recent months! Due to Stay at Home orders, many employees are working remotely from home – along with their entire family. At the office, they were used to uninterrupted networks with no Internet outages. They were safe and cyber-secure with connections supporting business-related services such as email, video […]

Ware did they all come from?

There are so many threats out there it’s hard to keep track, let alone know the differences. Ad-Ware, Mal-Ware, Ransom-Ware. Malwarebytes has this post to help and educate users. Malwarebytes Education Here are some quick links to the main types: Adware Cryptojacking Emotet Ransomware Spyware Malware Phishing Trojans This is an unfortunately dangerous necessity. You […]

Microsoft Security Patch/Update

As you may be aware Microsoft-based computers, including those managed by The PC Whisperer, Inc,. experienced a major issue this weekend starting Saturday January 27th, 2018. We’ve determined that it’s related to a Windows update pushed out by Microsoft to address the critical security issue associated with AMD, ARM, and Intel processors. The update was […]

Office 365 Portal

Many clients are starting to use or get transitioned over to Office 365 for Business. This page explains the basic steps to utilize basic functions within the portal. If you require more information than is listed here please choose to ‘Scheduling‘ on the right of this screen and setup a Training appointment. First Time Logging […]

Pirated Software?

Do you enjoy paying $199 – $4999 for a software program? Would you like to spend as much for the ability to type an email, document, spreadsheet as it would take to buy a new computer? No One Does! Recently I’ve walked into two offices that had completely different IT people supporting them. But they […]

Is your WiFi secure?

I have been telling people for years that they need to put in place some form of protection to their wireless internet router. Sometimes I get the deer in the headlight look and other times I get the, ‘I don’t care’ shoulder shrug. This is a huge hole in offices and homes that needs to […]

What are Parental Controls?

“Parental Controls” is a term that has been widely used to describe tools that allow parents to choose appropriate content for their children. Parental control software has been developed for everything from TV to the Internet. Safe Eyes falls in the later category of Internet parental control software. Safe eyes is a flexible set of […]