Home Network Stability

 Home Internet Security An efficient home network is only possible with the right equipment. One solution does not fit all homes, and that is more true than ever these days as the typical home network struggles to support work- and school-from-home demands. Video communication conferences, VoIP phone calls, online classes, movie and music streaming, and […]

Daily Tweaks

a.k.a. Our Chiropractic Adjustment Every day at 6:00 am, our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system instructs our Managed Service clients’ computers to perform a series of commands. We call this a Chiropractic Adjustment, and there’s no better way to start the day. During this 5-minute process, a script runs behind the scenes performing more […]


With so many sites requesting that you accept their “Cookie Policy”, it’s important to know what this truly means and how these cookies factor into your security and privacy. In this week’s security tip video, learn about internet cookies, and how you can manage them appropriately. Cookie Training Video Quick Tips Cookies will store certain […]

A Cyber Security Story with a Good Ending (and a moral)

Our client is a local retail franchisee of a national brand. On August 3, at 10:04 pm EDT, hackers accessed a compromised admin account on the company-wide backup system. They used this access to deploy malicious ransomware on each location’s Point of Sale server. When stores opened the next day, the opening staff at each […]

Internet Service Options

Continued from, “How much bandwidth do you need?” By now you should have a good idea about your homes’ bandwidth needs. Now let’s talk about how to get that bandwidth into (Downloading) and out of (Uploading) your home. You’ll recall that bandwidth requirements for the typical home would conservatively be 16+ Mbps download and 6+ […]