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One Call Networks is a full-service IT Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).

An MSP is a company that manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a remote basis and under a subscription model based on a service agreement. While some MSPs specialize in specific segments of information technology, such as helpdesk or network management, others choose to focus on specific vertical markets, for example, legal, financial services, healthcare or manufacturing. Managed security services providers (MSSPs) offer specialized services such as remote firewall administration, network optimization and filtering and other security-as-a-service offerings.

 One Call Networks is all of the above … helpdesk support, server management, cloud-based service administration, telecommunication services, IT security, vendor management and more. That’s why our slogan is, “One call to solve them all.”

In 2018 we introduced managed service tiers to provide our services at the “hands-on” service level that meets your needs. As we continue to expand our scope of services, we’re maintaining that tiered approach with an added emphasis: we’re sitting at your side of the table as a vested partner in your success, not merely sitting across the table as a valued vendor. Regardless of what level of service you sign up for, we’ll approach our relationship with you in that same way. Your success is our success.

If you know me, you know our team. You know that’s the way we’ve always approached our customer relationships, whether it was stated that way or not. It’s why we’ve been so passionate about the safety of your data and the stability of your technology. Now we’re reinforcing that longstanding commitment within a revised, more meaningful three-tier framework laid out further below.

Our scope of services is remarkable and all-encompassing. You’ll find more value than ever with One Call Networks as your MSP/MSSP. It’s a far more cost-efficient approach than hiring or contracting for these services separately. Call Networks puts all this IT expertise at your side of the table:

  • Internet Service Consultation – DSL, T-1, Cable, Fiber, Wireless, Satellite, Cellular
  • Telephony – VoIP, Landlines (POTS), Fax, Security/Fire, Toll-Free
  • Electronic Services – Fax2Mail, Telephone/Video Conference Calling, Voicemail, Online backup, SPAM Filtering, Internet Filtering
  • Managed IT – Network Management and Monitoring, Desktop/Server Patch Management, Remote/On-Site Desktop Support, Cyber Security Remediation, HIPAA/PCI Compliance Checks, Asset/License Management
  • Network Engineering – Network Analysis, Design, Deployment, Management
  • Desktop Support – User Support, Hardware Repair
  • Structured Cabling – Ethernet, Fiber, Coax, Closed Circuit, Telephone
  • Business Technology Consultation – New Office, New Hardware Sales, Security

End-to-end support for all these systems and services means that our responsibility doesn’t stop at the end of a cable or at a wall outlet. You won’t hear, “That’s not our problem,” and you won’t see any finger-pointing.

One Call Networks means One team. One point of contact. One help desk. One amazing suite of wired and wireless technology support.

Please call us if think your organization could benefit from this unique approach to technology support.

Contact One Call to to learn more about how we can help your Business have technology work for you.