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Wow, have home Internet needs changed in recent months! Due to Stay at Home orders, many employees are working remotely from home – along with their entire family. At the office, they were used to uninterrupted networks with no Internet outages. They were safe and cyber-secure with connections supporting business-related services such as email, video conferencing, and research.

Now they’re at home sharing floorspace and bandwidth with family members who are also telecommuting or online gaming, media streaming, and using WiFi telephones. Remote schooling in the Fall is a real possibility. And now that many employees have a taste for working from home, they might do more of it. All of this doesn’t bode well for the average or even above-average home network.

It’s no wonder that so many people are re-evaluating their home networks and Internet service.  Lately, we’ve heard from many folks who have contacted their Internet providers and asked for “more speed.” Unfortunately, after the install or upgrade, they’ve seen very little improvement.

In this web series, we’ll explain in great detail why these connectivity problems exist and what you can do to improve the situation. We’ll also describe how you can make your home infrastructure safer to protect your business and personal identity.

Based on more than three decades of experience from the early Dial-Up technologies to today’s Fiber and 5G, we can guide you through this new era as well. We’re here for you and we’re excited to head down this new road with you. Every solution we’ll discuss is part of the cybersecurity product line we confidently offer our long-time business customers. Given that so many offices have moved to the employee homes, it’s time that we offer the same P.C. of Mind to home-based employees and businesses that we’ve been providing our office-based customers for so many years.

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Written by Dave Eisner – Founder and Director of IT – 2020/06

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