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Ware did they all come from?

There are so many threats out there it’s hard to keep track, let alone know the differences. Ad-Ware, Mal-Ware, Ransom-Ware. Malwarebytes has this post to help and educate users.

Malwarebytes Education

Here are some quick links to the main types:

This is an unfortunately dangerous necessity. You have to drive to get to work. But you could also get into an accident on the way. The same risk exists for the Web. We all live by it to communicate and educate ourselves. But to do so exposes you to certain risks.

Personally I have been in this industry for 30 years. Twice in those years have I ever had a virus cross my path. Both times I was lucky and didn’t loose anything critical. But it is my duty and our purpose as a Managed Services IT company, to protect our customers. Malwarebytes has been at the core of our preventative maintenance stance since 2005.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is a managed version of their retail Premium product. The primary difference is with the managed piece we have a bird’s eye view of all our client systems from one interface. We can proactively update all our clients with one button. And receive alerts when something suspicious is found on a clients computer which allows us to remediate that problem with little or no involvement of the client.

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