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Their Big Day – The Move

Last Monday we received a call from a long, long time customer of ours in California. They came into their new office and ALL their VoIP phones and Internet were down. Needless to say, they were understandably really upset.

The team member who took their call handled it in outstanding fashion. Asked a few basic questions just to confirm a few things and gather data. We confirmed that their phones were not registering with us, nor could we ping their office. There were no known outages in the area, we asked if there was any known work being conducted in their building at 1234 Street, in Blank, CA? There was a really long pause…. then they stated that they were no longer at that address as of last Friday……..

Businesses, we fully understand that moving to a new location, or opening an original office is exciting. However; your phone, Internet and IT professional should be one of the first business partners that you speak with as soon as you begin to consider to move or open. Communicate, even if you feel that it is not a big deal.

You ask why:

  1. Pre-qualify the new location for proper bandwidth and infrastructure. If the bandwidth and other necessities are not enough to operate your business, don’t move there.
  2. Have your office wired in advance, plan for growth.
  3. Have service running and TESTED before moving. It takes time.
  4. This is the time to upgrade your network equipment.
  5. Great time to add beneficial features or redundancies.

If you are planning to move or open an office, call us and we would be happy to share a list of business partners who you should speak with well in advance of that big day.

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